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Hey y'all! It's me Bell

Oh where to even begin! I'm Isabella, a lot of my friends and family now call me Bell and it's just kinda stuck. Which I am okay with, it's what my daddy always called me my whole life because of our favorite Disney movie being Beauty & The Beast.

Now that I have introduced myself, welcome to my new blog & website! I have had the craziest week, my instagrams and facebook that I have had for nearly half of my life got disabled and wiped off of the internet. It's felt like a horrible break up or even a small death has happened. But I have decided it was not going to stop me! It has motivated me more than ever to now have the opportunity to kind of rebrand, and start fresh. Making light and happy of a sad thing. I tend to always try to see the glass half full in all I do in my life. Struggles and set backs can happen any day, any time. But I have faith and God has got me, even in social media. So here we are! New website, blog, new instagram and facebook. I'm taking it one day at a time. I built up my brand before, so I know I can do it again!

I am so excited to have this new platform to be able to share all of my passions. I will be sharing all of my makeup looks, weddings I have done, fashion finds, beauty finds, my travels, and really just everything that makes me happy and I want to share:)

Posting soon! Follow along on my new journey!

xo, Bell

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